Surface Cleaning and Scrubbing

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Surface Cleaning and Scrubbing

Pressure Cleaning

ABBAS Linemarking provide pressure cleaning services to all areas. Our team consists of staff that have a high level of experience in the pressure washing industry.

With the latest machinery we can fully adjust the output of pressure from our machines to suit any environment. Our surface cleaning techniques mean we can easily pressure clean many surfaces back to how they originally looked.

We Pressure clean

Surface Scrubbing/Sweeping

ABBAS Linemarking can provide surface scrubbing and sweeping services. We use the latest ride on machines to deliver great results. Our staff have all got the experience needed to get excellent results. We have machines which can do both a sweep and scrub which means the surface does not have to be swept prior to us arriving. We can simply sweep the surface with our 2 rotating brush heads and then scrub the surface with the same machine. Surface scrubbing is great at removing stains left behind by spillages e.g. drink stains, coffee stains, ice cream stains, food stains and much more. The scrub ensures the surface is properly cleaned. Our service staff are also great at spotting stains that may need a second drive over. Surface scrubbing is very common and most times essential prior to Linemarking to ensure best results and a long-lasting finish. This can be prepared by a pressure clean or scrub.

We Scrub and sweep the following